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Poster Presentation

Space: Each poster display for graphics and a textual summary is 36 inches high by 46 inches wide (.914 m x 1.21 m). ext should be limited to four or five pages of double-spaced 16-20 point text. Velcro strips are provided for mounting the posters; presenters may also use double-sided tape to mount their displays.

If electricity is needed, make sure you state this on your abstract.

Title: Each poster display should include a lettered sign giving the title and author(s). The sign can be up to 16 inches high by 46 inches wide (40.6 cm x 1.21 m) and mounted at the top of the board. (note: this is in addition to the space for the poster.)

Poster Space Assignment: You will be given a poster station at the Hilton Hotel. The station number will give you the board frame and station number; for instance, space 14c will be frame number 14 space c on the board. (Each board will have spaces a, b, c, and d.)

Set-up Time: Poster frames will be set up on Thursday afternoon. Poster presenters will have access to the areas from 4-10 pm Thursday night and from 8 am-2pm on Friday for poster set-up. The poster must be complete by 4 pm on Friday, June 16.

Authorís Presence: The posters will be on display from 4 pm until 8:30 pm on Friday, June 16. Since one of the clear advantages of poster presentations is interaction with other participants, we urge you to be present as much of the three hours as possible.

Poster Take-Down: Posters must be removed at the end of the Friday evening session.

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