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The Lensic Theater

The Lensic Theater is located at 255 West San Francisco between Burro Alley on the east and Sandoval Street on the west and is within easy walking distance of the St. Francis, Hilton, and Eldorado hotels. The Sage Inn is about one mile south.  Bishops Lodge provides a shuttle to the Lensic.

In 1931 the Lensic Theater was built by Nathan Salmon, along with his son-in-law E. John Greer, with the intent of giving Santa Fe the finest theater of its time in the Southwest. The famed Boller Brothers of Kansas City were called upon to design a film and vaudeville palace that would capture the imagination of all who entered, with romantic foreign motifs and exotic architectural imagery in a pseudo-Moorish, Spanish Renaissance style. In 1999 the theater was completely rennovated to both preserve its exotic look and create a state of the art performance and meeting center. The Lensic seats 504 in the orchestra and 317 in the balcony. The theater will be equipped with all necessary electronics for the Neutrino Conference including power point, slide or vu-graph capabilities, and both audio and video taping.

Refreshments will be served in two places: various non-alcoholic drinks will be served from the lobby kiosks and light snacks will be served in Burro Alley, just to the left of the theater building.

As in all public buildings in Santa Fe, no smoking is allowed inside the Lensic building.

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