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The City of Santa Fe

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Santa Fe, the "city different", lies at 6,996 feet/2,132 meters in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is America's oldest capital city, claiming a long history and a rich cultural heritage.

Founded as a capital city in 1610 by Don Pedro de Peralta, the city’s full name is La Villa Real de La Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis. It was once claimed by the Pueblo Peoples, the Spanish Crown, Mexico, and for a while during the Civil War, by the Confederacy. In 1846, it was ceded by the Mexican Federation to the United States.

Present-day Santa Fe is internationally renowned for its contemporary, cosmopolitan sophistication. Our city is celebrated by an unsurpassed quality: ambiance. The three cultures: Indian, Hispanic, and Anglo combine to make our city truly unique.

Santa Fe is famous for its culture, art, and traditions. It is home to America's third largest art market, the Santa Fe Opera, world class dining, hundreds of quaint shops, and unlimited outdoor activities.


Santa Fe in June can be hot, up to 91°F/32°C during the day, and can drop to 45°F/7°C at night.


Santa Fe is a very casual city—jeans, light weight slacks or shorts are acceptable. At night you will want a sweater or light jacket. Santa Fe seldom has rainy days but could have a brief thunderstorm or shower during the day so you may want to bring an umbrella or light rain gear. Comfortable walking shoes or sandals are also appropriate.


6,996 feet/2,132 meters above sea level means the amount of oxygen in the air may be considerably less than you are accustomed to. Give yourself time to adjust, drink lots of water (the climate is also very dry with 15-20% humidity), and remember to take deep breaths. Altitude sickness can be as mild as a slight headache or serious enough to require hospitalization.

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