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Things to Do in and Around Santa Fe

Santa Fe is known as the "City Different," a city that embraces its natural environment unlike any other in the United States. A city whose beautiful, brown adobe architecture blends with the high desert landscape. A city that is, at the same time, one of America's great art and culinary capitals. Santa Fe welcomes you.


There are more than 300 galleries and museums in Santa Fe reflecting the many cultures that make up the city. Get immersed in a colorful blend of pastel skies, earth-tone buildings and converging cultures unlike any other place in the world.  Some of the many museums in Santa Fe are listed below. Clink the link for more information.


Dining in Santa Fe is an international experience. There are hundreds of restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the city, many of which are nationally recognized for their excellence. Dining on the local traditional food is not just the linger of chile on your tongue. There's also a hint of history, a concoction of traditions created by people whose roots in New Mexico stretch back to the sixteenth century.


With 320,000 acres of wilderness, you're sure to get hooked on Santa Fe. From mountain streams to alpine lakes, there's adventure at every turn. Hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, ...seeing is believing.


It requires passion and stamina. Santa Fe is a shopper's dream come true. And with over 500 galleries and shops nestled amongst historic architecture, you're sure to find something that's just your style.

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